2018 NSFA Club Competition Winter Registration Volunteers.


Every adult volunteering at Northbridge FC needs to have a WWC number or obtain one if volunteering with teams U6 to U18’s and also must register at www.myfootballclub.com.au

How to apply for a WWC Number if you don’t have one already

2.     Once you have applied on line you will receive an Application (APP) number and other information.
3.     Take your APP Number and Proof of ID to a Service NSW office.
4.     Application Fee:  If volunteering there is no fee. Application Fee: If you are in a paid position you will pay $80 for you Check at the Service NSW office.  
6.     Within approximately 2 weeks of visiting Service NSW you should receive your WWC Number by email.
7.     You then provide your WWC Number to info@northbridgefc.com.au with your date of birth so they can be verified. Or make sure you add your number into your My Football Club registration in the additional questions area.
Register for Northbridge FC (Club) via MyFootballClub – www.myfootballclub.com.au. Adding in your WWC number in the additional question section of the registration.

Online registration is the quick and easy way to register to play.  If you need assistance with the online registration system, a step by step guide is available by click here.

** If you receive any server error messages during the online registration process, please feel free to email the details through to the registrar (info@northbridgefc.com.au) so that we can notify FFA of the problems encountered.