2018 Northbridge FC Training Schedule

View Schedule Here Ver7 UPDATED 19/04/2018.


Please keep in mind this is a work in progress and changes may happen.  Team managers to contact their Age Coordinator or Matilde Johns on academy@northbridgefc.com.au if they have queries or comments.

In case of wet weather, grass fields may be closed and training will have to be cancelled.  Check this website and our Facebook page for updates.  Willoughby City Council’s Grounds Closures page is usually updated around 2pm on any given day.


Club Coaches
We are busy matching coaches to those teams who have requested a club coach for training.  Team managers of those teams will be contacted directly as soon as possible.


Circuit Training – Will Start after the April School Holidays
Circuit Training is run by a Club Coach with assistance of a parent from each team participating. Teams are guided through a series of age appropriate drills and exercises.  The session usually finishes with small sided games.  Circuit Training is primarily aimed at U6, U7 and U8 teams.  Circuit Training is free of charge. Please note that Circuit Training may not be available on all days at all ovals, so teams may have to change venue to participate.


1.    Some grounds are congested.  Please take note of  Field Map of Northbridge Oval Click Here, which outlines best use of space.  Please be mindful and respectful of all teams training.
2.     We especially ask that parents and spectators do not encroach on actual training space.  Please keep a safe distance and, for safety, please keep babies, toddlers and young children away from ongoing training.  If moving from one side of a training field to another, always walk around the full field, not through fields where training is on-going.  This is for your safety, but also to avoid interrupting a session.
2.    Player safety is an imperative.  Older teams should locate away from younger teams.  Coaches should use common sense at all times in this respect.
3.    Please keep to your allocated timeslot.
4.    The schedule has been put together in accordance with the Willoughby City Council Northbridge Oval usage agreement.


Please contact Matilde Johns – academy@northbridgefc.com.au – with any queries/comments/change requests or if you think your team is missing.