2021 Training Schedules

2021 Training Schedules

2021 Training Schedules

Training schedules are emailed directly to team managers.  


General Considerations

1.  Some grounds are congested.  Fields are generally laid out in half field, quarter field or eighth fields depending on number of teams training.  Refer to the basic sample field layout below.  At Northbridge Oval, this is as seen from the Pavilion.  At other fields this is as seen from the main entry point, usually the car park. 

2.  Please make sure you are aware of current covid-19 guidelines as these are updated as new information comes to hand.

3. We ask that parents and spectators do not encroach on actual training space, keeping a safe distance (e.g. at Northbridge Oval, remain up the top in the pavilion area) and, for safety, please keep babies, toddlers and young children away from ongoing training.  

4. If moving from one side of a training field to another, always walk around the full field, not through fields where training is on-going.  This is for your safety, but also to avoid interrupting a session.

3.  Player safety is an imperative.  Older teams should locate away from younger teams.  Coaches should use common sense at all times in this respect.

4.  Please keep to your allocated time slot.

5.  Schedules are put together in accordance with the Willoughby City Council ovals usage agreement.

Please contact Matilde Johns – academy@northbridgefc.com.au – with any queries/comments/change requests for your team.