Coaches Administration Procedures

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Welcome to Northbridge FC – This page outlines important administration procedures required for all paid coaches.

The Head of Coaching will outline your position and level of pay according to your qualification and experience. The coaching payment will be either a fixed season fee (paid in monthly installments and covered by a contract) or an hourly rate, depending on the team you are coaching.

Make sure you understand what you are being paid for and what you are allowed to charge the club, for example Community Teams sessions may only go for 45 minutes and do not cover games on the weekend.

To ensure we are able to pay you in a timely manner please read this document and follow the steps required;

  1.  Complete this New Coaches Details (PDF Form) or New Coaches Details (WORD Document)  and email to
  2. You need to have a Working With Children number and email to accounts to obtain clearance. Go to our WWC page…Click Here.
  3. You need to have an ABN and submit an invoice for payment each month. We have prepared a template that you can use if you do not have one.  Click on either of the following…Invoice Template (Word Document) or Invoice Template (PDF).
  4. If you do not have an ABN, you should apply for one. Link to apply for one…,-Super-funds—Charities/Applying-for-an-ABN/
  5. If you get advice from your accountant that this is considered hobby income or you are under 18 years, you may be entitled to have an exemption from supplying an ABN. See this link…
  6. You are responsible for paying the appropriate level of tax and lodging a tax return. If you have an ABN, we have not paid any tax on your behalf. Consult a Tax advisor if you are not sure of your obligations.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have an ABN or Exemption from supplying an ABN, you will need to supply a TFN and be paid as an employee. In this case you rate will include superannuation payments and we will need to deduct PAYG tax. You will need to complete the TFN Declaration Form, obtained from most post offices and newsagents.

All steps above must be completed before you will receive any payment.
Invoices should be only for approved coaching periods.
If you fill in for another coach – you must provide full coach and session details, including the team on your invoice.

Please send all these documents
You can also post to PO Box 4093, Castlecrag NSW 2068

If you have any questions in regard to this document you can email me on

Have a great season!

Angelo Maralit

General Manager, Northbridge Football Club