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Date: 28/09/2020

2020 Season Letter of Offer

North Shore Mariners, Skills Acquisition Program, GSAP 10


Dear Player,

Congratulations on your contribution to the North Shore Mariners program in 2020.

As a result of your outstanding contribution in 2020 we would like to offer you a position in the North Shore Mariners High Performance Program for the 2020 Season.

By accepting this Letter of Offer you agree to abide by the minimum standards associated with the North Shore Mariners Program, to include but not limited to: The entire Holistic Development Program, the Training program as advised for 36-40 weeks (may include some morning sessions) plus games, General FFA Player and Parent Code of Conduct, day to day behaviour associated with a player/parent representing a North Shore Mariners High Performance Program.

Please note you will be required to register for and attend all selection trials for your age group as communicated.

A player manual will be provided outlining all processes, protocols and expectations associated with the program, in due course.


To Accept this offer please

1. Complete the form below and digitally sign the Acceptance of Offer with payment by COB September 11, 2020


Important Notice:

The current SAP program Fee is $1500. This fee may change when FSNW determine their 2020 Fee structure. Any difference to the current fee will need to be paid by you to secure your spot.

To guarantee your position for 2020, the full $1500 (non-refundable) GSAP Fee payment must be paid by September 11, 2020.

This year we are asking all players to support the club with a pre-payment for fundraising activities. Some of these items are fully tax-deductible. Please click to read the < accompanying Program Outline document  > for more details.

Please note that we will again be requiring the support of all parents in fundraising and game day volunteering assistance throughout the season.


Active Kids Rebate:

Your Active Kids Rebate can be redeemed against the program and further information will be provided to players once they have accepted their offer.


Once written acceptance of offer and payment is received your position is guaranteed for 2020 in our GSAP 10 North Shore Mariners team.



We require that you not disclose to any person any information regarding this letter of offer. Players and parents must not, as representatives of the Club, communicate with the media or on any forum or internet site about Club related issues.

Once again congratulations and welcome back to the North Shore Mariners Family.


kind regards,

Rory Grace
Club President
Northbridge FC / North Shore Mariners FC




Please read the information below and confirm that you have accepted this offer to play for our club as outlined in the letter above by signing in the appropriate space.

Your coach for the 2020 Season is  Christiran and Matt
Date  28/09/2020
League  Skills Acquisition Program
Age Grade  10
Club Name  North Shore Mariners
Club Representative  Paul Corry


  • Please sign using a stylus, your mouse, or your finger on your tablet to accept this offer. By electronically signing this document, you agree to the terms established above.
  • If the player is under 18, then I, the parent/guardian, agree to the conditions of this offer on behalf of the player

  • Please sign using a stylus, your mouse, or your finger on your tablet to accept this offer. By electronically signing this document, you agree to the terms established above.
  • Email address to receive signed copy of contract