Northbridge FC Academy

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Date: 29/10/2020

Code of Conduct


Below are the rules and regulations that Northbridge FC expect all of their players to try and abide by. Below we will outline our expectations of your child/yourself while they are playing for Northbridge. The Statements below are to ensure that the parents, players and coaches of the NFC Academy have a smooth and enjoyable season.


Player and Parent Behaviour

Player Behaviour

Players are expected to act in a way that shows credit to themselves as well as to Northbridge Football Club.

• Players are expected to attend every training session and game.

• Coaches to be informed 24hrs prior of no attendance

• Respect for the coaches, gear and grounds that the players are playing at.

• Respect for referees, coaches, opposition athletes.

• ZERO tolerance on bullying.

• Players are expected to show up in Northbridge Kit at training and at games.

Any form of abuse to any parties will involve a warning from the club. Further warnings will result in either suspension or the athletes release.

Parent Behaviour

Parents are expected to act in a way that shows credit to themselves as well as to Northbridge football club. We ask that to make the season run as smoothly as possible parents must adhere to the following.

• No yelling at coaches

• No yelling at kids and/or other players

• No yelling at other parents

• No yelling at competitor parents or athletes.

• No Parent should approach the coaches during, before and after the games.

• No Yelling or approaching referees.

Parents, as we ask the kids to be respectful to all parties we expect the same behaviour from yourselves. Any form of abuse directed at anyone will NOT be tolerated and you will be notified by the club


Private School Conflicts

Northbridge understands that some athletes will have school sport that interferes with their Northbridge game. However, it is unfair to a player’s team-mates, and those who missed out at trials, for a player to withdraw from the program once it has begun.

So, please consider carefully whether you will be able to juggle school commitments and the Northbridge Academy. By signing this document below, athletes and parents agree to make every attempt to make Northbridge related events.

No refund will be given to players who withdraw from the program unless accepting a position with Northbridge FC NPL (incl. FNSW NPL/WNPL/SAP/GSAP) or other NPL Club. Any such refund request will be considered on a case by case basis.



If violations have occurred after the athletes have signed this contract the following will happen:

1. First Violation: A warning will be given to the athlete/parent following any violations that occur

2. Second Violation: A meeting will be had with parents and players

3. Third violation: Athlete/Parent will be suspended one game

4. Fourth Violation: Athlete will be released for the remainder of the season with no reimbursements. Parents will be banned from attending games for the remainder of the season



Northbridge wants to work with all athletes and parents to make our academy soccer a thriving learning environment for all those involved. At the end of the day, we are a community academy team and expect the athletes and parents to hold themselves to a high standard. If there are any issues that arise please contact the club, do not take it into your own hands.



  • I understand and accept that these guidelines and procedures are the rules governing my NFC Academy Football during the time of participation, commencing with the trials until the conclusion of the season.
  • * Please sign within space provided using a stylus, your mouse, or your finger on your tablet.
  • * Please sign within space provided using a stylus, your mouse, or your finger on your tablet.
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