Max Meyer Trophy – Golden Boot Award Progress Report

Max Meyer Trophy – Golden Boot Award Progress Report

The Max Meyer Trophy for the Golden Boot Award will once again be presented to the player who scores the most goals for a season in the mixed and girls’ competition (Under 12 to Under 18).

 The inaugural winner of the Trophy was Jesse dei Agnoli with 37 goals in 19 games in 2019.

 Last year, Isabella Bonaccorso was the winner with 24 goals in 13 games.

 Just under one third of the way through the season, Isabella is endeavouring to persuade NFC to give the engravers an early call having scored a remarkable 26 goals in six games. 

 Girls in the Under 14s age group hold five positions in the top 10  which is a fantastic achievement.  With the U12s following close behind with three positions in the top 10.

 The top ten goal scorers are:

  1. G14B – Isabella Bonaccorso 26 goals
  2. G12C – Emily Paek 14 goals
  3. G14B – Abbey Milositc 13 goals
  4. G14D – Scarlett Couch 11 goals
  5. U12E – Tom Rouhan 10 goals
  6. G14A – Isabelle Sockeel 10 goals
  7. U16C – Sol Adamcewicz 10 goals
  8. U12E – Finn Johnston 9 goals
  9. U12F – Harry Christie 9 goals
  10. G14C – Lauren Rolfe 9 goals