Get involved with Northbridge FC

Get involved with Northbridge FC

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Do you care about Community Sport? Do you want to make a greater contribution? Then get involved with the Northbridge Football Club!

Sometimes it is hard to know how you can help, what skills are needed, how much time you have to give up. At Northbridge Football Club we’ve made it easy for players, parents and supporters to get involved in the day to day running of the club, and make a greater contribution to community sport.

From Coaching and Managing to professional skills like Graphic Designers, Photographers and Video Editors there are many opportunities to get involved with the club.

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There are many ways to get involved with Northbridge FC. Here is a list of jobs, click on the job to see a Position Description.

  • Team Manager – this is a very important job as without the Team Manager, the players would not get to play each week. It does require you to be organised and be comfortable with emails and updating the
  • Team Coach – the enjoyment of the game is greatly enhanced by a good team coach, so this can be a very rewarding way to volunteer. Coaching is age specific and Northbridge FC offers a variety of ways to support these volunteers.
  • Age Co-ordinator – theses positions are very important to the club and ensure the smooth operation of the competition for player, parents and other volunteers.
  • Videographer
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Committee Member – we are always looking for more committee members. Thanks to a great administration team, the work load for Committee Members is supported by paid staff. However decisions need to be made and actions followed up and this is where we are always looks for leadership and drive. Come to one of our Committee Meetings or the AGM to get a feel for it.

If you are interested in helping out in some capacity feel free to contact Pascal de l’Epine (
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Team Managers have a variety of tasks to complete during the year. It is a busy and rewarding position. Your team will appreciate your efforts to ensure arrangements for playing are managed and communicated.

Here is a check list or the functions you will need to do. For full details of the job, refer to this Position Description – Team Manager.

At the start of the season

  • Register as a Volunteer on MyFootballClub, click here.
  • Ensure the Team Coach is registered as well
  • Attend the Northbridge FC Start of Season Managers and Coaches Meeting and complete WWC Requirements
  • Collect the Team Kit Bag (and Shirts if U12 to U18 and All Ages)
  • Ensure team is all registered, photos are uploaded and knows how to order their playing kit if needed

During the Season

  • Ensure the team knows when and where the game is
  • Check if there will be a Kit clash and arrange for Alternate Kit if required
  • Print team sheet and complete for each game
  • Enter results in the Competition Management System
  • Email a scanned copy of the team sheets to (this should be a pdf format).
  • Ensure you advise the team if they have any special duties, eg. Field setup or pack up, BBQ Duty for U7 teams

End of Season

  • Return Kit bag (and Kit if applicable)

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Register and complete a Working With Children Check (WWC).

Add you your coaching skills by using resources provided or attending coaching clinics and courses offered by both Northbridge FC and our association NSFA.

Be familiar with our code of behaviour and other policies.