The Sustainable Sports Program

The Sustainable Sports Program

Sustainable Sports Program Launches at Northbridge Oval

The Sustainable Sports Program is an initiative that received funding by the Federal Government in support of Northbridge FC. This followed the initiatives of Linda Curtis and Liz Courtney two soccer mum’s who had a dream to create a grass roots environmental movement for youth through sport, and have organised for the pilot program to be undertaken at Northbridge FC. The Club would like to acknowledge their vision and efforts and the support of Federal Member for North Sydney, Trent Zimmerman and Willoughby Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney for their combined support and enthusiasm for this project.

Launch of the Sustainable Sports Program – Sunday 9th August Northbridge Oval

Member for North Sydney Trent Zimmerman discusses the launch of the Sustainable Sports Program

About the Sustainable Sports Program.

Northbridge FC will be the first community sports club in Australia to pilot program. Commenting on the program founders Liz Courtney and Linda Curtis said, “The Sustainable Sports Program is based on a series of activities, events and initiatives that combine to create greater awareness of options and behavioural choice that provide youth the chance to lead and engage in their future world, and in doing this, make a positive impact on improving their local sports club’s sustainable footprint”.

Lead  + Inspire + Act =  Impact your Future through the Sustainable Sports Program


Key Initiatives:

Sustainable Canteen Audit
Development of a new App designed to assist the reduction of carbon emissions in the sports canteen. Establish a benchmark, set goals to reduce, replace and create a carbon neutral canteen over the next 3 years. Drive to reduce plastic, replace foam cups with recycled cups and stirrers, encourage use of Keep Cups, audit gas, electricity, set-up waste re-cycle bins, provide a FREE Refill water station for all players and attendees.

New Recycling Bins
Implementation of new recycling bin system at Northbridge FC oval that allows for a higher degree of recycling of plastics, glass, and food waste.

Community Recycle for Goodness Weekends
Two events per year to donate clothes, boots to rural towns in Australia who have been hit by hardships of fires, droughts and floods

Bush and Beach Environmental Clean-up Weekend
Annual Clive Park Beach and Bush Clean-up is an engagement for youth to connect with the issues around littering, plastics in marine and ocean impact, bush and environmental

Recycle, Reuse, Remind
Visual recognition of the Sustainable Sports Program (SSP) Charter via display boards placed in around the Northbridge Football Oval external walls and internal change rooms

Sustainable Inspiration for Youth speakers
Over the course of the next season, Northbridge FC will host two events for youth with high profile speaker/s.


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