U6 - U7 MiniRoos

MiniRoos is for Boys and Girls Aged 5 –11yrs.

MiniRoos is a fun introduction to winter football for young players. As a player progresses through the age groups, the field size increases as well as the number of players on the pitch. This prepares them to eventually move to playing 11v11 football on a full-size field. 

The focus is on fun – we want to see happy, smiling players – this is our aim each weekend for our MiniRoos players.

Formation of Teams U6 and U7s
The ideal number for each team is 10-12. As 8 kids are on the field at one time this will allow a couple of extras to sub on during the game and also to cover sickness and holidays etc.
For example, if you have a team of 10, 4 will play on Field 1 and at the same time the other 4 will play on Field 2 with a reserve on each field.
U6 & U7 teams will generally be formed based on friendship teams starting from kindergarten or other friendship groups.
If you have already grouped a number of kids together to form a team these details can be emailed to the U6/7 Age Co-ordinator: info@northbridgefc.com.au
Most U7 teams continue from the previous year but all U6 players will be new to Northbridge FC. If your child does not have a team, you can ask around at school to see if you can put a team together. Often mentioning it at ‘Meet the Teacher’ night is a good way to find other interested parents.
Do not worry if your child does not have a team as once you have registered the Age Co-ordinator will try, and group kids based on the school they attend. Fill in this form to add them to the list of Players Looking for a team. Players looking for a team with Northbridge FC – 2024 (google.com)

Each team will need a Manager and Coach and also a name such as Tigers, Socceroos etc.

Games are Played.
U6 & U7 teams will normally play at the following fields:
Bales Park – Chatswood – note parking restrictions on Saturday.
Tunks Park – Northbridge – parking nightmare – preferred option is to
access the field from the Cammeray side and leave via the Northbridge side.
Regimental Oval – Lindfield – usually some construction parking restrictions.
Blackman Reserve – Lane Cove

All mixed can be all boys, mixed or all girls)  MiniRoo games are played on Saturday mornings.

Games in the NSFA Girls-only U6/U7 program are played on Sunday mornings.
These games start at 9am and will be played at Lindfield Sports Centre and Toolang (TBC)

Registration Fees for U6 and U7s
Registration can be completed and paid online via Northbridge FC Junior Registration
If you already have a child playing football (or are a player yourself) you can add another child to your profile – if not, you will need to create an account before you register.
The registration fees for the 2024 season are $294 per child. For multiple registrations there is a $20 discount for the second child.
For U6 and U7 players new to the club, the registration includes a bag, ball and pump (these will normally be distributed via the team managers late March).

Players are required to purchase their own boots, shirts, shorts and socks.
Shirts, shorts and socks can be purchased from our online shop. Click this link

Role of the Manger
The team manager is the point of contact between the Age Co-ordinator and their team.
The role involves organizing your team each week, keeping your team informed of any relevant information, following up on wet weather issues and updating game results weekly.
The managers should nominate someone on each field to keep the game scores and monitor the game time.
The weekly results (aggregated across the two fields) are entered into Dribl (competition Management System) by the managers (there is more information about this in the managers’ handbook).
It is advisable to confirm the results with the opposition manager to avoid any discrepancies with the scores.
Due to the number of players, it is not practical to communicate directly on all instances with each parent so the point of contact will be the manager.

Managers and coaches will be required to register for a Working with Children. Apply for a Working with Children Check (WWCC)

MiniRoos  U6 and U7 – basic rules
The games are 4 players v 4 players. Played on 2 fields
No goal keepers.
No throw ins. When the ball goes out there is a kick in.
No corners. The ball is restarted from the goal line by the defending team.
No offside.

After a goal has been scored the game is restarted from the halfway line.
You can download a pdf of the MiniRoos rules from the NSFA website: https://nsfa.asn.au/player/miniroos/
Each team needs to provide a parent to game leader/referee one of the games.
(Your opposition should provide the game leader for the second field.) This role
should be shared amongst the parents. (The NSFA is likely to arrange an information session for game leaders early in the new year – it is useful if one or two of the parents from each team can attend.)

Training Schedule 
All teams train once each week. Training allocations to be organised through ground bookings manager. Teams will be contacted to nominate preferred training allocation.
Each team will also appoint a coach. This can be a parent or a paid club coach – if available.
The Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA) will run a number of training courses for coaches during the season. The main one for first time coaches
would be the Grassroots course. The NSFA website is www.nsfa.asn.au for
more details and if the Age Co-ordinators receive any relevant information this will be forwarded to Team Managers.

Trials and Grading
The club holds a couple of ‘Come and Try’ days for U6 players in March, to give new players a chance to have a go before the start of the season. It’s also a good opportunity for parents to try acting as game leader, and also to chat to club coaches and volunteers.
The club may also hold MiniRoos grading days – this helps the NSFA to place teams in the correct division. The idea is that teams play other teams of a similar standard – obviously this is most enjoyable for all players. Scores are kept only by the association throughout the season, and every 5 weeks the divisions are regraded where necessary.
Inevitably there will be some lopsided games (particularly amongst the very
strongest and the weakest teams) but the hope is that most teams will win/lose 50% of their games.