Competitions Update

13th July


Dear Clubs,
We have put together the following competitions update. The season has been significantly
impacted by wet weather which has understandably led to members & clubs questioning the make
up of the rest of the season. There is no black and white answer as each competition structure varies
depending on the Competition category, size of division & the number of games played to date.
For all Senior Competitions, we have 21 weeks available. The final weekend of the season is the
27th/28th August. Due to the high volume of washouts we have experienced, there will be no Finals
for all Senior competitions.
In total, there will be three (3) wet weather weekends for 10 team competitions.
Our approach for scheduling fixtures for the remainder of the season is as follows:
7/8 team divisions
• Our priority is completing the first 14 rounds, so that each team plays each other twice. The
added complexity is that teams have played an uneven number of games. Teams will be
scheduled friendlies if they complete their 14 rounds prior to other teams in their division.
• Where time allows following the conclusion of the first 14 rounds, there will be a split for
rounds 15-17, with the top four each playing each other once and the bottom four playing
against each other once. Points will carry over for these final three competition rounds and
the Premiership winner will be the team that finishes in first position within the top four
9/10 team divisions
We will continue to schedule games up until the end of August. The first wet weather week is
scheduled for August 6th/7th. Week 18 is the 13th/14th August. We understand teams reluctance to
play double headers, especially the O35 & O45 teams. We will continue to schedule games on a
Sunday, it will then be up to the teams/clubs to try and arrange a mid-week game if grounds are
available. If both teams don’t want to play the fixture then the game can be cancelled.

One of the big challenges is the number of games each team have played in their division. In some
divisions, it might not be possible for all teams to finish the season having played the same number
of games. In the event that not all teams complete the season, the average points per game will be
used to determine the final standings. This can be viewed on DRIBL ladders.
Over the coming weeks, we will be prioritising fixtures involving teams that are behind on games.
This will involve some teams being moved off synthetic grounds if we continue to experience wet
weather and ground closures.
We will be working over the next few days to try and publish as much of the season as possible to
give players, officials & clubs as much visibility over the end of the season as possible.

Juniors Mixed & Junior Girls
For season 2022 we have 20 weekends for Junior competitions.
The format for all competitions is as follows:
• 18 round competitions (less washouts) with a two-week final series for the top 4 teams (1 v
4, 2 v 3, winners progress to grand final).
• To schedule 18 competition rounds, we may not be able to achieve equal competitions
where teams play each other the same number of times. The draw is randomly generated
prior to the commence of the season so there will be no bias at play.
Our approach for scheduling fixtures for the remainder of the season is as follows:
6 – team divisions: 15 rounds plus 3 extra rounds drawn at random
8 – team divisions: 14 rounds plus 4 extra rounds drawn at random
7 – team divisions: 18 rounds will be scheduled, each team will play 15 competition games and have
3 byes. We will try and schedule friendlies during the bye rounds where possible
9 – team divisions: 18 rounds will be scheduled, each teams will play 16 competition games and
have 2 byes. Completing the 18 rounds will take precedence over finals.
10-team divisions: 18 rounds
*Extra rounds will only be scheduled when the full competition round has been completed. i.e. 15
rounds in a 6 team competition.
Finals will be cancelled if we require the extra weeks to complete the home & away season.

The last round for MiniRoos is the weekend of the 20th/21st August.
MiniRoos Gala Day is scheduled 27th/28th August.