Tax Deductible Donations - Support Developement in Your Local Area

Tax Deductible Donations

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Your Tax Deductible Donation will help promote Football Development in Northbridge and on the North Shore by supporting Northbridge FC and North Shore Mariners.

Our primary goal is raising funds to support for Northbridge FC and the North Shore Mariners, and the sport of football through the development of players and coaches by providing facilities, resources and support for players and coaches and create opportunities to participate at the highest possible level of the game

Australian Sports Foundation:
This year we have teamed up with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to make giving to the program more tax-friendly for donors. The ASF was established by the Federal Government in 1986 with the mission to raise money for Australian sport. They enable philanthropic support to Australian sport by providing tax deductibility for donations made to our fundraising programs.

We aim to raise funds to support the development of junior footballers within our Northbridge FC and North Shore Mariners programs. Your generous donations can assist with:

• Improvement to club facilities
• Training equipment and apparel
• Professional development of coaches
• Sports science and sports medicine services

The more we raise – the more we can provide.