Recycle Weekend

Recycle Weekend

Annual Recycle for Good Sports Clothes

Sunday 5 November from 9.30-12noon at Northbridge Oval

Time to gather up all the sporting gear you have outgrown and recycle for good.

The gear is being collected by The Sustainable Sports Program which we helped develop in 2019.

It will be gifted to the Indigenous Sports Wellness Programs across NSW and NT, as well as families who have been hit by fires.

Please ensure your goods are clean, boot laces tied together and in paper bags where possible in sizes:

Youth – under 10

Juniors – under 18

Adults- over 18

T-shirts, shorts, jackets, boots, socks shin pads, and back packs – all welcome

You will also receive a tree sapling to help build our carbon storage systems in the area.

 Last year NBFC helped remove 800 tonnes of sporting gear that would have gone to land fill.

Great work and many thanks.

Date: Sunday 5 November
Time: 9.30-12noon drop off
Location : Northbridge Oval